(EXTENDED, due August 28)

The 2015 TeMaCC Conference will take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Saturday, October 24.

This conference aims to facilitate conversations about mathematics content courses for future teachers. We are soliciting proposals that will create opportunities for such conversations. A proposed session may do this by: 
  • prompting participants to reflect on their own classes, 
  • having participants develop ideas together, 
  • getting participant feedback on a piece of your own instruction, 
  • having participants consider student* work, 
  • or going in any other number of directions.
Although it is not part of the review criteria, we encourage you to think about how you might productively continue these conversations beyond the conference. 

*Throughout we use “students” to refer to our students—future teachers—not K-12 students. Depending on context and emphasis, the same population may also explicitly be called future teachers, pre-service teachers, or PSTs. 

Theme 1: Embracing Challenge in Learning Mathematics. 

This theme is focused on the questions of how we build opportunities for students to struggle productively and how we help them see the important role of productive struggle in learning mathematics.

Sessions around this theme may, for example,
  • share tasks that create opportunities for embracing challenge, 
  • share experiences with instruction that capitalizes on student thinking and uses their struggle in productive ways, 
  • share pedagogical practices in math content courses that help students (as individuals or as a community) to value productive struggle

Theme 2: Reasoning and Proof in Mathematics Content Courses for Pre-service Teachers.

This theme is focused on examining how we teach proof and reasoning, the spectrum of what “proof” and “reasoning” can mean, and how we decide where to set the bar for rigor with different populations of pre-service teachers.

Sessions around this theme may, for example,

  • discuss different tools (axioms, models, diagrams) that pre-service teachers may use in meaningful ways to justify mathematical statements 
  • discuss challenges in deciding, establishing, or sharing norms of “mathematical justification” with different populations of pre-service teachers 
  • share strategies for moving students through trajectories from empirical evidence to mathematical reasoning, or examples of students making these transitions

Session Formats:

Using feedback from our inaugural conference in 2014, the planning committee has decided to have only 60-minute sessions in 2015 and forgo shorter sessions. This format decision is also well-aligned with our goal of fostering in-depth and productive conversations. To make good use of the time available, presenters should establish a well-articulated focus for the session and provide significant opportunities for participant interaction. Presenters are encouraged to attend to the proposal review criteria described below.

Proposal Review Criteria:

  • relevance to mathematics content courses for future teachers 
  • relevance to conference themes 
  • evidence of well thought out goals for the presentation 
  • evidence of well thought out outline of session activities 
  • potential for focused, productive discussion among participants 
  • alignment with conference themes 
  • clarity of proposal 
In the case that we run short on space to accommodate all of the compelling proposals, we will seek a balance of topics and courses addressed.

How to Submit Proposal:

Download the Session Proposal Template and return to temacc-group@umich.edu by Wednesday, August 26.
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